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Ft. Walton Beach, FL
QB/WR Summer Training
Individualized instruction/superivsed workouts in skill player development.  Tailored to the athletes needs and schedule.   Consultation with the student-athlete's coaches will help tailor the training sessions to target the athlete's weaknesses and scheme needs.  Fundamentals, technique and conditioning will be the aims of these sessions. 

Costs:  60 Minute sessions.....Start at $60 per athlete per session.  Rates based on distance, and travel.   
TD's By Air...........Services
With the proliferation of spread offenses, especially the Air Raid Offense,  offers staff clinics that cover all aspects of this brand of football.  Coach Preston has run the offense since 1993 and can get your program throwing the ball with great efficiency, thrilling your fans and winning games while blowing up scoreboards.  We hope you will take advantage of these clinics
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• Recruiting Consultations/Evaluations Recruiting
​• Recruiting Assistance
• Skill Position Coaching
• Assistant Coach Screening/Hiring
• Program/Head Coach Consulting
• European Coaching and Playing Assistance
• Playbook Organization
• Fundraising Consultation


2 Day Air Raid Offense Clinics:
- AR1-Basic Terminology, Theory and Scheme
   Staff clinic.....Terminology, formations, protection, run game and route  
   structure. Screens.  Theory/Philosophy.  Film and playbook aids.

- AR2- Build YOUR System-Integrating the offense into your System/Philosophy
    Create your own unique language and communication system or use  
    the traditional terminology.  Fine tune the system to your players and their
    skill sets.  Brainstorming,

-AR3- Game Planning and Package Organization- Organizing the Offfense
     Scripting the Zones of the field, Attacking Coverage and application of your
     personal philosophy in the field zones.  Game Organization, Call Sheets 
     and wrist bands.  Signals for no-huddle communication and play signaling.
     Game Tempo.     

- AR4- Practice Organization, Drills and Individual Position Instruction
      Drill Tapes, Practice Drills, Weekly Schedules, Techniques and
      Drill Objectives.   Playbook organization.

- AR5- Team Installation
      Teaching the offense to your players.  Drills, Techniques and Instruction
      Coaching Points and on-field instruction.  

- AR6- Coaching the QB's
- AR7- Coaching the Skill Positions
- AR8- Coaching the OL
- AR9- Season/Spring Ball Film Evaluation and Feedback

Other Topics as needed.....
Two Day Clinics
Bring the Staff to the Clinic or Bring the Clinic to the Staff!

Clinic comes to you:
You Provide:
-Round Trip Air Fare from Pensacola or Destin, FL Airport 
(In late Friday and out early evening Sunday)
-Hotel Accomodations for Friday and Saturday Night 
-Transportation from the Airport and back

You come to the Clinic:
You Provide:
-Your own accomodations in the Destin Florida Area
-Space for Clinic Discussions and Video/Technology for film/white board

Clinics are based on 18 hours of clinic time.  Film, visual aids and a year of phone support will also be included.  Each Clinic is priced separately.  For pricing information and to 
get started.....

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Air Raid Clinic Topics